Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Chocolate Candies

My husband absolutely loves marzipan in chocolates, but it is really hard to find them. Especially with milk chocolate (usually they are dark). So, for Valentine's Day, I decided to make him some chocolates.

What you need:
Melting Chocolate
Molds (to shape the chocolates. Can be found at craft stores, usually about $1-$3)
Whatever you want to put in the candies (oreo cookie bits, coconut flakes, marzipan)
Some type of container to use to pour the chocolate into the molds (I used a Microwave melting bottle, cost $1-$2 at craft stores)

It's really simple. Melt the chocolates, pour into the molds, filling them half way. Put your desired object for the middle of chocolates into the molds. I made coconut chocolates, cookies and cream chocolates (with white chocolate and oreos), and the marzipan chocolates. Then fill the rest of the mold with chocolate. Tap the mold a few times to get the bubbles out, and then refrigerate for a few minutes. Turn the mold upside down and tap to get the chocolates out (they should come out fairly easily).

While the picture is of molds with sucker sticks, you don't have to make suckers. If you do make lollipops, the sticks are easy to find at a craft store as well.

That's it! You have your own custom chocolates.

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