Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dinner Last Night

Ok, I'm sorry about the lack of pictures, but I have to tell y'all about our dinner last night. Let me give you a hint as to its success rate in our house: MY TWO YEAR OLD ATE BEEF. That's right. You read it. That was maybe the third time in his life he has voluntarily eaten beef. He loved this meal. Well, the beef part anyway.

We had:
Mini Meatloaves from and
Southwest Pasta Salad from Our Best Bites (I LOVE this site. They just published a cookbook that I'm dying to get my hands on)

Ok, here's what I did differently:
For the Mini Meatloaves, I grated up a medium yellow crookneck squash and added it in, then decreased the amount of cheese (I used sharp cheddar) to 2/3 cup. I have to get veggies in somehow for my boys. You really couldn't even tell, but I think I'll do a zucchini next time instead. I also, instead of just forming them into mini loaves and putting them in a 9x13 pan, put them in a muffin tin I'd sprayed with Pam. I was able to get 12 mini meatloaves, but I did have to put the muffin pan on top of a cookie sheet to keep the sauce from getting all in the bottom of my oven. I also added about 1/2 tsp onion powder. I was too lazy to actually cut up an onion to add. True story. Oh, and the sauce needed a little more mustard, in my opinion.

For the Pasta Salad, I used Monterey Jack cheese, but I don't think I'll use any cheese at all next time. It doesn't need it. I also used macaroni instead  of bow ties because that's what I had. Not that that makes any difference at all. I think the recipe needs double the corn (I didn't thaw the corn, it thaws on its own while the salad chills) and double the green onion. I used cherry tomatoes that I halved and red pepper. It was DELICIOUS. My hubby informed me that I should just throw away all my other pasta salad recipes and just make that one from now on. That's big, people. And please, PLEASE use actual lime zest. Like, from real limes. So stinkin' good.

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